Esto puede dar una perspectiva bastante realista sobre el «procés». La independencia de la republiqueta y sus simpatías. Se trata de una delegación de parlamentarios de la UE, voluntarios y al margen del Parlamento, para visitar a los «presos políticos» que maltratamos en España. La composición del grupo lo dice todo.


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Actualización / añadido. Esto ya es la pera.


Carles Puigdemont gave the interview in a segment on RT, a TV channel funded by Russia, as the first major guest of Alex Salmond, the former First Minister of Scotland and a noted separatist himself.

Puigdemont said that when he was about 13 years old he felt the world «calling me» to make a political difference, a call which ultimately ended in his leading Catalonia to thus-far unsuccessful attempt to secede from Spain.

Appearing on «The Alex Salmond Show», Puigdemont, who was born under Spain’s authoritarian General Franco, said: «After Franco’s death [in 1975], there was a huge democratic movement.

«I felt that that the world that started at this moment, it’s calling me. It’s something about me and my future. I was engaged to build a new society.»

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