Del 20 al 22 de junio se celebra en Río la Conferencia de la ONU sobre Desarrollo Sostenible. Es un hito del calendario alarmista / ecologista, 20 años después de la primera “cumbre de la tierra”. Se nota en los estudios que aparecen en la prensa, como calentando motores. Ayer mismo, por ejemplo, dos:

El País:

Y el ABC:

Este último parece más serio, por estar publicado en Nature. Bajo el título:

El resumen:

Localized ecological systems are known to shift abruptly and irreversibly from one state to another when they are forced across critical thresholds. Here we review evidence that the global ecosystem as a whole can react in the same way and is approaching a planetary-scale critical transition as a result of human influence. The plausibility of a planetary-scale ‘tipping point’ highlights the need to improve biological forecasting by detecting early warning signs of critical transitions on global as well as local scales, and by detecting feedbacks that promote such transitions. It is also necessary to address root causes of how humans are forcing biological changes.

Y el párrafo final:

Diminishing the range of biological surprises resulting from bottom-up (local-to-global) and top-down (global-to-local) forcings, postponing their effects and, in the optimal case, averting a planetary-scale critical transition demands global cooperation to stem current global-scale anthropogenic forcings315161719. This will require reducing world population growth31 and per-capita resource use; rapidly increasing the proportion of the world’s energy budget that is supplied by sources other than fossil fuels while also becoming more efficient in using fossil fuels when they provide the only option79; increasing the efficiency of existing means of food production and distribution instead of converting new areas34 or relying on wild species39 to feed people; and enhancing efforts to manage as reservoirs of biodiversity and ecosystem services, both in the terrestrial80 and marine realms39, the parts of Earth’s surface that are not already dominated by humans. These are admittedly huge tasks, but are vital if the goal of science and society is to steer the biosphere towards conditions we desire, rather than those that are thrust upon us unwittingly.

Parece un poco macabro que anuncien el fin del mundo, y al mismo tiempo pidan 30 euros para poder leer el trabajo propiamente dicho. Afortunadamente hay un enlace al artículo entero en otro sitio. Terror gratis, por así decir:

Por lo menos, de acojonarnos, que sea con conocimiento de lo que de verdad dicen, y de dónde lo sacan. Sin filtros de periodistas, que ya sabemos lo que hacen.